The beginning…

Many times we just live to exist we live day to day like we live paycheck to paycheck. No goals or aspiration but just the desire to catch up with the latest trends of our surroundings. Why is that? #bedifferent #riseabove


Fractured road

We sometimes can live life completely oblivious to our mortality. We crave the desire to pursue our dreams with the intent of starting tomorrow because we are not ready today. Although many of us don’t believe in a Higher Power but death really helps us evaluate what’s to come. Also for people that deal with death everyday, it really helps them realize that life is but a mist. Therefore, if you have a dream pursue it … Many say life is short but I believe life is unpredictable. Who really knows tomorrow? So what are we waiting for go pursue your dream?

Being firm in the wind: being mindful of the culture merge

Being firm in the wind can surely be something. Moving to the South has been exciting until I phased my first challenge. Spending a lot of my time next to someone that just doesn’t like me. That decision was def not by choice.  But you know what? It thought me a lot.  There is strength in humility.  I’ve learned that I can only control me. I can’t change how someone treats me. But I can change me. And that’s how I grow and that’s how I fulfill my purpose. What’s your challenge today? What’s within your control? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Or are you hindering your growth?

Waiting in our failure

Sometimes life is happening around us and it can be challenging to feel a part of it. I read an article today that mentioned something really deep that can be applied in our journey of perseverance:”To be called to wait is to be called to the activity of remembering: remembering who I am and who God is. To be called to wait is to be called to the activity of worship: worshiping God for his presence, wisdom, power, love, and grace.”

Therefore it is ok when things are not happening right away. Meditate and reflect on the good; sharpen your skills and persevere. Build and exercise your hopeful muscles.

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